John Thomas Featured as "Trial Pro" in Law360 Interview

John Thomas of Hicks Thomas LLP was featured in a recent interview with Law360, where he discussed his successful representation of high-profile defendants and plaintiffs alike and provided advice for new trial lawyers.

John’s past clients include King Ranch (whose title dispute eventually landed in the Supreme Court of Texas) and J.P. Morgan Chase. More recently, John represented the family of a man who suffered electrocution in a Hilton swimming pool, and successfully represented a class action lawsuit against Ford in the Ninth Circuit.

Additionally, John has an in-depth background in oil and gas litigation and secured a victory on behalf of Occidental Petroleum Corp in a $3 billion acquisition row with BP. Today, John is helping landowners in the Texas Panhandle battle the state for their mineral rights.

In the article with Law360, John discussed interesting trials he has worked on, along with the most amusing incident he has seen in the courtroom. As a seasoned trial attorney, he also revealed his pretrial routine, which consists of hard work, minimizing distractions, and hitting the gym. “Complex things become so simple with the catalyst of exercise,” he told Law360.

When asked to give one piece of advice to new trial lawyers, John provided the following wisdom: “The best advice I could give someone embarking on their first trial is to welcome the fear as an ally and use it in all ways possible. Use the fear as motivation to spend the hours mastering the facts of the case…The fear will make you better prepared.”

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