Mom said hard work will get you recognized...

Mom shared her wisdom freely, and often: Hard work will get you recognized. We have definitely been working hard in 2016, and just like mom said, we’ve been recognized, too.

In a recent stretch, we tried a personal injury case to verdict in state court in Beaumont, Texas, followed by a construction defect case in federal court in San Angelo, Texas (the Northern District of Texas), and finally, an insurance breach of contract lawsuit in state court in Harris County, Texas. We also set aside some time to argue an appeal in Houston’s First District Court of Appeals. All this in a firm with just 7 lawyers!

A recent publication reported on the third trial in our run of back-to-back-to-back trials. We were proud to hear they thought it was noteworthy. The truth is that it was very noteworthy from our perspective. We were just surprised it caught the attention of others along the way.

While we agree with the perspective of the author, we found other significance in this case. For one, the case represented the very first trial Lori Daves has taken to a jury since she joined our firm a year ago. Additionally, it was the first time our firm suited up for a trial in Houston, where we do not (yet) have an office. Of course, we were also a little tired, having spent literally two continuous months in courtrooms across Texas.

The trial involved a claim for insurance benefits to repair damage to the roof of a home in Houston. The other side had an expert, and the case involved a roof that definitely needed repair. In short, this was a donnybrook. While we certainly burned the midnight oil, we also had a very hard-working jury – they asked to come early and stay late. When we say they worked hard, we mean hard – they returned their verdict at 10:30 at night! We were honored by the jury’s work effort. Fortunately for us and our client, the evidence fell just like we had hoped and a favorable verdict was returned in minutes.

What did we learn from this stretch? Lots. Most importantly, however, we learned that mom was right all along.

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