Energy Litigation


Representing Energy Industry Clients Nationwide

The energy business, particularly oil and gas exploration and development, is risky, dangerous, and very expensive. When it is successful, however, it produces enormous upside potential. This combination of cost, risk, and reward often provides fertile ground for legal disputes, which can be extremely complex and involve large sums of money.

If your energy company is the target of a lawsuit, or if you have an issue with one of your counter-parties that commercial representatives have been unable to resolve, you will need the assistance of trial attorneys who are equipped and ready to protect your interests. Our energy trial lawyers have extensive experience in state and federal courts and before arbitration tribunals. No matter what challenges your case presents, the energy trial lawyers at Hicks Thomas LLP have the diverse skillset to find a solution that minimizes your risk, maximizes your return, and protects your bottom line.

Expert Legal Representation for a Range of Energy Disputes

We represent energy industry clients in a broad range of disputes, including:

  • Area of Mutual Interest Disputes
  • Construction Defect, Delay and Cost Overruns
  • Day Rate Claims
  • Gas Purchase Agreement Disputes
  • Gas Transportation Agreements Disputes
  • Indemnity and Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Joint Interest Accounting Disputes
  • Joint Operating Agreement Disputes
  • Joint Venture Agreement Disputes
  • Nonconsent Penalty Disputes
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Preferential Rights Disputes
  • Production-Sharing Contract Disputes
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Disputes
  • Property Damage Disputes
  • Royalty Claims
  • Subsurface and Mineral Trespass Claims
  • Surface Use and Damage Claims
  • Title Disputes

We represent upstream, midstream and downstream energy companies in these types of disputes, as well as in their general commercial litigation.

Why Choose Us for Your Energy Sector Legal Needs

Our proven track record gives our clients peace of mind, no matter how high the stakes. We have the capacity and depth to handle the most complex energy disputes. At the same time, we embrace our clients’ needs for predictability in their litigation budgets. Ultimately, we are focused on providing personalized attention to serving the needs and achieving the legal and business objectives of our clients. And, most importantly, we get results.

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