Hicks Thomas Partner Courtney Ervin Featured in Best Lawyers Magazine

Best Lawyers magazine has published an article by Hicks Thomas partner Courtney Ervin that explores Ms. Ervin’s decision to be a sole breadwinner and its impact on her career and family. “Two lawyers, one big life decision: How my husband and I are working to eradicate the stigma of putting my career first,” recounts the challenges and successes of this decision.

“Had our roles been reversed, I assume the decision would have been easier, and one we’d have made sooner. Instead, our transition was slow and, at times, painful,” she writes.

Ms. Ervin also discusses the importance of breaking from the stigma against moms who put their careers “first” and dads who choose to stay home.

“If we truly value equality in the workplace, we must value and support fathers who step back from their career and support moms who opt to reach for that next promotion. Giving lawyers the flexibility to choose the path that best fits their circumstances is good for firms and clients alike. My career flourished after Rob fully retired from law.”

Ms. Ervin describes how, as the sole breadwinner, she has cultivated the law practice and also the family life she wants.

“Rob insisted that I push my career toward partnership. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. He wanted me to have a successful law practice for me and our family, and he never criticized me for putting my job before his job or our family,” she writes. “When I questioned if I was too focused on my career and not enough on our family, he would reassure me that I was a great lawyer and a great mom. I didn’t have to choose.”

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