9 Hicks Thomas LLP Attorneys Selected to 2017 Texas Super Lawyers®

Super Lawyers® reviews and recognizes legal professionals who stand out within their fields for their skill, case results, ethics, pro bono work, and much more. Attorneys are first nominated by peers before being thoroughly researched by Super Lawyers®. The lawyers who are deemed to be the best of the best are granted Super Lawyers® membership for that year.

Our team at Hicks Thomas LLP, a boutique commercial litigation law firm in Houston, is excited to be able to announce that not one but nine attorneys from our firm were selected to the 2017 Texas Super Lawyers® guide list.

Attorneys from Hicks Thomas LLP who were recognized as 2017 Super Lawyers® members are:

This is not the first time that some of our Texas attorneys from Hicks Thomas LLP have been selected to the Texas Super Lawyers® membership group. Both Attorneys John Thomas and Stewart Hoffer have been named as Super Lawyers® every single year since the organization was first established in Texas back in 2003. Attorneys Stephen Loftin and Robin Harrison have also been selected to be Super Lawyers® for more than 12 years of their careers. The other members selected to the 2017 list have also been selected at least once before.

More About Hicks Thomas LLP & Super Lawyers®

As a boutique law firm in Houston, Hicks Thomas LLP is capable of providing legal services and representation for both plaintiffs and defendants in many different case types. Our litigation attorneys have built a reputation for being able to take on complicated, intricate, and high-stakes cases that other law firms might not accept due to the challenge. From oil and gas litigation to toxic torts to trade secrets, our law firm has the experience, know-how, and insight to manage a case from start to finish, even if it needs to go to a state-level or federal-level appellate court.

Super Lawyers® has gained fame for not allowing any more than 5% of all attorneys into its list each year, making selection truly prestigious. It categorizes nominees by both practice area and region within the country. Part of its selection and evaluation process is conducted by blue-ribbon attorneys who are considered to be experts within their fields and who analyze the work of nominees within that same field. The yearly publication that shows the final members in Texas is released by Texas Monthly magazine and the Super Lawyers® magazine, published by Thomas Reuters’.

To learn more about the services provided by Hicks Thomas LLP’s Super Lawyers®, or our firm, contact us.