The Party is Over... the Lights are Still On!

Don Meredith used to sing at the end of Monday Night Football games: “Turn out the lights, the party is over…” The refrain was from an old Willie Nelson song “The Party’s Over.” We think Willie Nelson is the right person to reference in a discussion about an Austin party. The good news from us is that while this year’s party is over, the lights are still burning brightly!!

Last week we said thank you to our clients and celebrated our firm’s third birthday. Our firm has grown in a very short time from one lawyer and paralegal to a host of great people based in Austin and Beaumont. We owe it all to our clients and good friends around the country. The event was a smashing success, attended by Supreme Court Justices and friends from as far away as Los Angeles, California to New York City, and from Birmingham, Alabama to Hartford, Connecticut.

Wednesday’s event at The Rattle Inn had over 100 people attendance. The room was packed, and the din was loud. Just the way a celebration should be! We had fiddles, vittles, and lots of good old Texas hospitality. If you made the event, thank you for coming. If you didn’t, well….we know you had a good excuse and hope you will plan to join us next year!

We were serious about education, too. Our Texas Law and Insurance Symposium at the South Congress Hotel hosted over 60 people, with lawyers treated to 7.5 hours of CLE while insurance professionals received 6 hours of Continuing Education. We were proud to offer a broad spectrum of continuing education, from healthcare liability, to property damage claims, from employment law to HIPAA and ADA compliance, and more.

We handle the program different from others. We invite our clients to “be the experts” and teach substantive courses with us. There were real experts on point here, with clients speaking along side expert witnesses, consultants and retained counsel alike. Learning the fun way, with shared experience and open discourse.

Partnering with our clients is our hallmark, not just a sales pitch. We work closely with our clients to help them obtain the best results possible, partnering with them from start to finish. Meanwhile, we enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level. We learn from them, and in the process we learn more about them and their business.

While we are a small firm, we have big shoulders. Our contacts run across the nation. We might not have the expertise or resources for every situation our clients face, but we have the ability to locate, retain and partner with the most qualified lawyers and experts from around the country to get the job done.

Whether you are a lawyer looking for a place to practice or you are a client looking for a a better experience with your lawyers, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Just don’t wait until next year to give us a call!