Trade Secrets Attorney in Texas

Protect Your Trade Secrets with Hicks Thomas LLP

Although healthy competition is encouraged in virtually every industry, trade secret protection is a basic element of the success of any business. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies, however, forget the key factor to protecting their trade secrets: developing a comprehensive protection plan by way of a written agreement.

Our corporate law firm in Houston can proactively safeguard your business assets, help you maintain your competitive edge, and keep your competitors from gaining access to some of your most valuable properties: the secrets of your trade. The federal government is increasingly cracking down on trade secret theft, and companies are more concerned than ever about protecting their assets.

Maintain a Competitive Edge in Your Industry

Trade secrets are typically stored digitally, such as on a hard drive, external drive, or thumb drive. You must also take into account that your employees may know your trade secrets. When in the hands of your competitors, your secrets can give your competitors a competitive edge that initially did not exist to challenge the lucrative position of your company.

If trade secrets have become an issue for your company or business, our Texas trade secrets lawyers know what is at risk for you. We know how to protect your interests and your valuable assets. We take a comprehensive approach to being your trusted legal partner and always view fighting for our clients' rights as the highest priority.

Proudly Serving Companies, Business Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Hicks Thomas LLP employs some of the nation's most elite attorneys. We have been recognized across the board for our ability to think creatively, critically, and strategically. We have the knowledge, resources, experience, and capability to handle any type of trade secret litigation matter, identify stolen trade secrets, classify your information, and protect your trade secrets.

We have handled some of the most complex cases in every industry, effectively protecting our clients' assets, safeguarding their interests, and preventing future litigation. Contact Hicks Thomas LLP to protect your business.