Blog Posts in 2001

  • 20-Aug-2001

    Hicks Thomas Mesothelioma Victory

    Mixed Verdict Cause of Action: Wrongful death, survival, negligence Injuries : Mesothelioma Case: Nancy Moore, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Heirs and Estate of Robert Moore, Laura Aslin, Mary Harwell, Margo Knutson, Kristi Lee, ...
  • 16-Mar-2001

    Question of Casual Relationship in Regard to Lung Cancer

    Defense Verdict Case Type: Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death Case: Agripina Saenz as Personal Representative of the Estate of Rafael Saenz, Mike Jimenez and Elvia Jimenez v. Owens-Illinois, Inc., Kaiser Aluminum and North American Refractories ...
  • 31-Jan-2001

    Judge Awards Apartments 2.1 Million Against Insurance Company

    (Houston) - On January 31, 2001, a jury added $995,000.00 in lost business income and attorneys' fees to District Judge Dale Wainwright earlier award of 2.1 million to the owners of the Spring Creek Village Apartments in Baytown as compensation ...